"36 Days of Type" is a project where designers are invited to create one letter or number of the alphabet each day. Check their website if you want to know more about this: www.36daysoftype.com
These are my entries for this great competition.

I forced myself with one simple rule:
every letter must represent a word that starts with that same letter, while numbers are just experiments with materials and lights
[in case you're wondering, here's the list: Abstract, Border, Colors, Doughnuts, Electricity, Fish Fingers, Gummy, Hair, Iceberg, Jam, Knitting, Light, Marbles, Nails, Oil, Pixels, Quartz, Roots, Snake, Tennis, UFO, Veins, Wine, Xmas, Yellow, Zeotrope]

everything is made with cinema4d, x-particles and arnold render (plus usally some litte post in after effects)

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