"36 Days of Type" is a project where designers are invited to create one letter or number of the alphabet each day.
I often use it as an excuse to discover and experiment new techniques or sofwares, and to keep my mind in shape.
These are my entries for the 2018 edition where I focused on particles, dynamics and materials, that led me to destroy most of the letters in a lot of different ways.

Here's the full collection of letters and a short animated reel.
You can have a look on the complete series of videos on my instagram

Check the 36 days of type website if you want to know more about it: www.36daysoftype.com


As a sort of making of / tutorial / resource / experiment, you can download all the c4d files from the following link
I really hope they can be somehow useful. You can use them for whatever you want, just give me a shout if you have questions or you're going to use them somewhere. 

*Don't be mad at me, but unfortunately I cannot redistribute some of the textures (most of them are from poliigon in case you want to retrieve them. HDRIs are usually from the Cineversity Preset Pack or GSG) but there are also a lot of procedural materials.
You will need c4d19, x-particles 4 and octane 3.08 for most of the scenes.


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