Video projection for the Expo2017 Kazakhstan pavillion / Museum of Future Energy.
The audience is taken on a journey from the very beginning of our universe to the present days, passing through the formation of galaxies, nebulae, stars and the solar system.
It is projected on a dome 15m wide above the head of the viewer in order to make him/her feel completely immersed in space. 

I was in charge of the development and making of the whole video, involving a lot of 3d, smoke and particles simulations, rendering and compositing.

Enjoy the video by itself or in the 360° simulation of the pavillion.
Fullscreen highly recommended!!

Client: Sembol Construction
Executive production: Simmetrico Network 
Video Content: Bonsaininja Studio

Music and SFX: Gianmaria Serranò

Flat version
3D Screenshot

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