Romulus is a Sky Original TV series set in the 8th Century B.C. that narrates the events preceding the birth of Rome. 
I had the opportunity to work with Bonsaininja Studio on the opening sequence for specials and behind the scenes that will run across Sky platforms, before and during the airing of the series. I collaborated with them in both the creative phase and the execution, from initial concepts and styleframes, through the realization of the entire opener.  
The client asked to reveal the title while, at the same time, teasing the crude and primitive mood of the series. In addition to that we also suggested that the human presence had to be very strong, even though we couldn't show any character.
Shadows, dust, fire, rythm and power of the chiseling, are the elements that helped us to reach our goals when building this full CG sequence.   

Client: Sky Italia​​​​​​​
Creative Direction: Bonsaininja Studio + Jack Lietti
Production: Bonsaininja Studio
3D and compositing: Jack Lietti
Music: Mokadelic
SFX + Mix audio: Sample​​​​​​​


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