Andy Serkis's MOWGLI Legend of the Jungle main-on-end title sequence

Working with the team at MOMOCO, on this project I focused mainly on the lighting, shading and rendering of most of the sequence. I also worked on the layout of a few scenes, animation, particles / vines simulations and did some compositing. 

The animation depicts the creatures as timeless sculptures woven through mandalas and growing jungle vines. The cast credits are presented with their respective characters on a seamless, perpetual journey. Mowgli himself is represented with sculpted footprints - from running on all fours before standing on two legs as a young man.

Designed by Nic Benns
Art Director: Miki Kato
Producer: Emily Sinclair

Animation Team:
Simon Edwards
Jack Lietti

Framestore provided lead character models alongside Momoco’s sculptures.

Client: Warner Bros // Netflix
Made by Momoco 2018

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